Men's Soccer

Meet the Men's Soccer Club

Sports and friends often go hand in hand. The Men's Soccer Club is yet another excellent way to get involved on campus and make some good friends while playing the sport you love. With no previous soccer playing experience, any student can join the club as long as they are in good-standing at the University. For those who want to participate in tournaments that usually take place in the Fall, a $50 fee applies and covers the uniform, transportation and accommodation expenses. Besides weekly practices and biweekly team meetings, the club members also enjoy spending time together as much as they can. With a warm welcome, lifelong friendship, and traditional spaghetti nights before each game, any new member will definitely feel like he has become a part of a larger family within KU.

Kyle Trexler, the President of KU's Men's Soccer Team, says that he was fascinated by "how welcoming everyone was," when he first joined the club. For him, the Men's Soccer Club is much more than a mere set of practices and games. "When I joined the soccer team, everyone was open and everyone was inviting," he adds. If you are looking to continue playing your favorite sport or want to learn it, and make many friends along the way, contact Kyle at for more information about joining the team.