By Amber DeFabio






Kimmel has been lifting for 3.5 years and previously worked at IronFit Gym. Although he is accepting all clients, he specializes in training athletes. He received his USAW weightlifting coach's certification in August 2014 and his ACE personal training certification in March 2015. 

Recently, Kimmel attended the DC Mania Conference to learn new ways to help his clients achieve the results they desire. While there, he not only received more credits for his certification, but also learned how to create full body workouts with little equipment through plyometric and band work which he believes will give him a new edge to his training style.

Kimmel says the number one mistake he sees people making is a "lack of knowledge of equipment and understanding nutrition. A lot of people come in with goals that are unrealistic with the amount of time and effort they want to put in. I put the training into perspective and let them know how much effort, time, and work it will take for them to reach their goals. 

"If someone really wants to reach a goal, it's my job as a trainer to do my best for them to reach it. But, I won't lie to them and tell them they'll be able to do something that they can't mentally and physically do." 

Kimmel's Process:
1. Go over goal and options and create a trainer-client understanding
2. Fitness assessment and consultation
3. Create a workout schedule/complete the first session
4. Plan the next five to ten sessions
5. Achieve goals

Fun Facts:

Favorite Food: All non-fried forms of chicken
Favorite Color: Dark purple/blue
Favorite Gym Day: Biceps, triceps, and shoulders
Hobbies: SPORTS!
Handshakes or high-fives: Handshakes 

If you'd like to train with Cody Kimmel, please contact the Rec Center for more details.